SIGMM Election and Call for Nominations for Student Conference Scholarship

Dear SIGMMers,
Let us take this chance to wish everyone a healthy and productive new 
year in 2017. We also want to provide update on two important upcoming 
1. The term of the current volunteer leadership team (including Chair 
Shih-Fu Chang, Vice Chair Rainer Lienhart, and Conference Director Nicu 
Sebe) will expire this June. ACM office is in the process of preparing 
the ballots for election which will take place in early Spring. We'd 
like to remind everyone to keep your SIGMM membership active so that you 
can contribute to this important process.
2. ACM will celebrate 50 years of the ACM...

YFCC100M on CACM Cover Page

Dear Multimedia Researchers,
If you have not seen the cover page article that just appeared in the
Communications of ACM (CACM), I will urge you to take a look.
Thomee, Bart, Benjamin Elizalde, David A. Shamma, Karl Ni, Gerald
Friedland, Douglas Poland, Damian Borth, and Li-Jia Li. "YFCC100M: The
new data in multimedia research." Communications of the ACM 59, no. 2
(2016): 64-73.
We are extremely happy to see efforts in developing this dataset have
been led by active researchers in our multimedia...
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