Call for Papers: MMSys 2018

MMSys 2018
Science Park Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 12-15, 2018
The ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys) and associated workshops (MMVE2018, NetGames2018, NOSSDAV2018, PV2018) provide a forum for researchers to present and share their latest research findings in multimedia systems. While...

Call for Papers: ACM ICMR 2018

ACM ICMR 2018, June 11-14, Yokohama, Japan

International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval

    ICMR 2018 is a premier conference to display scientific achievements
    and innovative industrial products in the field of multimedia
    retrieval. We are seeking original high quality submissions addressing
    innovative research in the field. Contributions addressing the
    challenges of large-scale search and user behavior analysis are
    especially welcome.
    Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
    - Content and context based indexing, search and retrieval of multimedia data
    - Multimodal content analysis...

Chair's message

I would first like to thank the members of SIGMM for electing me to this prestigious and important role.  I am grateful for the trust you have put in me and the other members of the elected SIGMM Executive and we shall strive to continue to make SIGMM an important part of our professional research community.  I would also like to thank the previous elected members of the SIGMM Executive Committee — Shih-Fu Chang, Rainer Lienhart and Nicu Sebe — for their extraordinary service, thank you all.  I’m also delighted that Nicu will provide continuity by serving on the Executive Committee as vice-Chair and I look forward to working with him, with Gerald Friedland as Conference Director and the other members of the Executive.


SIGMM Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis in Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications 2017

The ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) is pleased to present the 2017 SIGMM Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award to Dr. Chien-Nan (Shannon) Chen. The award committee considers Dr. Chien-Nan Chen’s dissertation entitled “Semantics-Aware Content Delivery Framework For 3D Tele-Immersion” worthy of the recognition as the thesis is the first to consider semantic information in full-aspect with 3DTI systems. 
Dr. Chen’s thesis includes confound semantic factors regarding user (role, preferences, view), activity (range, speed, posture, position, number of participants, repetitiveness), and environment (network...

ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award 2017

The ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) is pleased to present this year’s Rising Star Award in multimedia computing, communications and applications to Dr. Liangliang Cao for his significant contributions in large-scale multimedia recognition and social media mining. 
The ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award recognizes a young researcher who has made outstanding research contributions to the field of multimedia computing, communication and applications during the early part of his or her career. 
Dr. Cao has published extensively in the top multimedia related journals and conferences,...

ACM SIGMM Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications




The 2017 winner of the prestigious ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
is Prof. Dr. Arnold Smeulders. The award is given in recognition of his outstanding and pioneering contributions to...

Passing the Baton to New SIGMM Volunteer Leaders

    Dear Multimedia Colleagues,
    We are writing to welcome the new SIGMM leaders assuming their posts on
    July 1st. The new team includes Alan Smeaton as the Chair, Nicu Sebe as
    the Vice Chair, and Gerald Friedland as the Conference Director. Each of
    them is a pioneer researcher in the multimedia field and has been
    actively contributing to the community. We are confident they will be
    able to lead the SIGMM community to further success.
    Looking back, we have made many exciting accomplishments. We have
    organized new workshops and an award to recognize rising stars,

Call For Papers IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Special Issue on Video Analytics: Challenges, Algorithms, and Applications 

Important Dates
Second-round review completed: November 1, 2017 
Paper submission due: April 15, 2017
First-round review completed: July 1, 2017 
Revision Due: August 15, 2017
Final manuscript due: December 1, 2017
Publication date: Early-2018 
Video analytics, also known as video content analysis, refers to the capability of automatically analyzing video to extract knowledge/information and detect and determine temporal and spatial events...

SIGMM Statement on Open Participation

SIGMM is ACM¹s Special Interest Group on Multimedia supporting the
international community of researchers, practitioners, and students
dedicated to research and development of next-generation technologies
and applications of multimedia. We support the core principle of
inclusion in and open access to international scientific interaction,
and thus endorse the statements issued by ACM regarding Open Conference.
ACM Open Conference Statement
ACM Expresses Concern About New Executive Order Suspending Visas

SIGMM Election and Call for Nominations for Student Conference Scholarship

Dear SIGMMers,
Let us take this chance to wish everyone a healthy and productive new 
year in 2017. We also want to provide update on two important upcoming 
1. The term of the current volunteer leadership team (including Chair 
Shih-Fu Chang, Vice Chair Rainer Lienhart, and Conference Director Nicu 
Sebe) will expire this June. ACM office is in the process of preparing 
the ballots for election which will take place in early Spring. We'd 
like to remind everyone to keep your SIGMM membership active so that you 
can contribute to this important process.
2. ACM will celebrate 50 years of the ACM...
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