SIGMM Funding for Special Initiatives Announced


Following our 2021 call for funding for special initiatives, applications were assessed by a sub-committee of the SIGMM Executive and we are now able to announce funding for 4 projects as follows:

- ConFlow 2021 Edition: Continuation of a project to encouraging new diverse collaborations by helping researchers find each other at a conference - Hayley Hung, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, €17.700

- Generalizing CS Rankings As Projections Between Publications and Institutions - Ketan Mayer-Patel, University of North Carolina, USA, $30,000

- MediaEval Workshop and Methodology Collection - Martha Larson, Radboud University, The Netherlands, €14,000

- EDI initiatives for the MMSys’2021 conference - Laura Toni, University College London, UK, $15,250

SIGMM looks forward to working with these projects and seeing them lead to exciting outputs.

- Alan Smeaton

- SIGMM Chair