Call for Papers WebMedia 2022

WebMedia 2022

2022 Symposium on Multimedia and Web November 7-11 de 2022, Curitiba, Brazil

Important Dates

- Abstract registration: May 30, 2022
- Deadline for article submission: June 9, 2022

The Symposium on Multimedia and Web (WebMedia) is an excellent opportunity for scientific and technical exchange among students, researchers and professionals in the areas of Multimedia, Hypermedia and Web.
The event proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

Instructions for Authors

Submission: Guidelines

Papers must present their main contribution in the areas of multimedia, hypermedia and the Web, and maybe related, among others, to the following topics of interest:
- Accessibility
- Content Adaptation and Personalization
- Immersive Applications
- Multi-Device Applications
- Authoring and Annotation
- Content Characterization, Analysis, Search and Retrieval
- Characterization, Analysis and Modeling of User Behavior of Multimedia and Web Systems
- Media Encoding and Processing
- Electronic Commerce, Digital Economy and Monetization
- Affective Computing
- Mobile and Wearable Computing
- Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
- Trust, Justice, Bias Analysis and Ethical Aspects
- Context Awareness
- Crowdsourcing and Crowdsensing
- Linked Data and Semantic Annotations
- Misinformation, Hate Speech and Online Toxicity
- Multimedia Distribution, Streaming and Sharing
- Document, Model and Language Engineering
- Web Engineering
- User Experience and QoE
- Explanability and Interpretability of Models
- AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
- Multi-User Interaction
- Multimodal Interaction
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Middleware and Distributed Infrastructure
- Data Mining of Multimedia and Web Systems
- Ontologies, Metadata and Semantic Web
- Technical Standards and Norms
- Natural Language Processing
- Online radicalization
- Human Activity Recognition, Gesture Recognition and Sign Language
- Learning Resources
- Social Networks and Social Media
- Digital Health and Assistive Technologies
- Security and Privacy
- Synchronization and Multimedia Presentation
- Multisensory Systems and Applications
- Recommender Systems
- Application Testing and Validation
- Digital TV and IPTV