SIGMM Announces funding support for carers to attend online events

SIGMM is pleased to announce support for SIGMM members who are carers to attend online SIGMM-sponsored conferences and workshops, initially during 2021 only, and to allow them to engage more fully with the online event.

This may take the form of funding to offset the costs of childcare, or the costs of care for dependents or similar, in order to allow the SIGMM member to have greater participation in the online event as the costs of their childcare or other carer demands can be offset.

Individual conferences and workshops for which these awards may be offered will include links to a centralised application process with an indication of the opening and closing dates for applicants to submit which will appear on the websites of those conferences and workshops.

We hope these small awards can help SIGMM members to more fully engage with, and get benefit from, our online events.

- Alan Smeaton
- SIGMM Chair