SIGMM Records

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2012 (ISSN 1947-4598)



Welcome to the second issue of the SIGMM Records in 2012. You can find reports from three recent events, a call for an anniversary edition of TOMCCAP, an article about the Mozilla project Popcorn from the developers themselves, and quite a bit more.

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Video Browser Showdown

The Video Browser Showdown is a live video browsing competition where international researchers, working in the field of interactive video search, evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their tools in presence of the audience. The aim of the VBS is to evaluate video browsing tools for efficiency at known-item search tasks with a well-defined data set in direct comparison to other tools. The performance of participating tools is evaluated in terms of successful submissions and search time.

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MPEG Column: 100th MPEG Meeting

MPEG celebrates its 100th meeting. The 100th MPEG meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland with a sponsored social event including honorific speeches by representatives of ISO, IEC, ITU-T, WIPO, JTC 1, SC 29, Sisvel, Samsung, and MERL. The ISO press release highlighted the win of three Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards presented by the U.S. National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for outstanding achievement in engineering and technical development.

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Open Source Column: Mozilla Popcorn

Popcorn is an HTML5 media project from Mozilla, the non-profit organization that makes the Firefox web browser. It makes media-oriented web development easy through shared development, open source libraries and tools. Prior to HTML5, web video lived exclusively inside browser plug-ins like Flash and VLC, which put it outside the reach of JavaScript, CSS, and other techniques for interacting with the rest of the surrounding HTML document. Popcorn.js turns media into fully-interactive JavaScript objects, so that media objects can both trigger and listen for events.

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TOMCCAP Special Issue on 20th Anniversary of ACM SIG Multimedia

The premier ACM Multimedia Conference is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Research in digital multimedia has gone viral and became an integral part of our IT life. From the beginning, the ACM Multimedia Conference has been one of the important scientific venues to disseminate knowledge in this space, and played a very crucial role in bringing out many solutions that we now see in multimedia products. This special issue requests submission of manuscripts that will take a historical view and survey what happened to various multimedia technologies over the last 20 years, or bridges historical and futuristic views on how the past inventions influence the current and future multimedia inventions.

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Co-locating multimedia system events: MMSys and NOSSDAV

The 23rd International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV) will be co-located with the ACM Multimedia Systems (MMSys) Conference in Oslo, Norway at the end of February 2013. In a meeting of the organizers of both conferences in February, it was decided that co-locating the conferences would help focus the efforts of multimedia systems community into one week.

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Call for Contributions

We await your contributions by 15. November 2011. Please take a closer look at the information that is required for a particular submission to the newsletter.



Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Video Browser Showdown
  3. MPEG Column: 100th MPEG Meeting
  4. Open Source Column: Mozilla Popcorn
  5. TOMCCAP Special Issue on 20th Anniversary of ACM SIG Multimedia
  6. SIGMM Education Column
  7. Co-locating multimedia system events: MMSys and NOSSDAV
  8. Report from NOSSDAV 2012
  9. PhD thesis abstracts
  10. Event Reports
  11. Calls for Papers
  12. Impressum

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