Co-locating multimedia system events: MMSys and NOSSDAV

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2012 (ISSN 1947-4598)


Authors: Wu-chi Feng and Ketan Mayer-Patel

By Wu-chi Feng and Ketan Mayer-Patel

Wu-chi Feng is Steering Committee Chair of ACM Multimedia Systems
Ketan Mayer-Patel is Steering Committee Chair of NOSSDAV

The 23rd International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV) will be co-located with the ACM Multimedia Systems (MMSys) Conference in Oslo, Norway at the end of February 2013. In a meeting of the organizers of both conferences in February, it was decided that co-locating the conferences would help focus the efforts of multimedia systems community into one week.

NOSSDAV has a rich history of providing a venue where researchers can come together to discuss the latest topics in a timely manner. MMSys provides researchers with an opportunity to present research results in depth, from algorithmic developments to complete multimedia systems. Both events are known for their intense discussions and fruitful mix of junior and senior researchers, and many multimedia systems researchers have striven to attend both every year. Co-locating both events in their original formats from now on makes it much easier for researchers to participate in both events. They need to travel only once and we can reduce their registration costs. We could have merged one of the events into the other, but we felt that their distinct spirits and environments should be kept. As an additional benefits, co-locating both events will allow us to balance these events with ACM Multimedia, with a major multimedia systems event at opposite sides of the year.

The call for papers for MMSys 2013 and NOSSDAV 2013 are now out. The current plan is to have the papers for MMSys 2013 due in September and papers for NOSSDAV 2013 being due towards the end of the year. We look forward to your participation in these events.

Wu-chi Feng
ACM Multimedia Systems Steering Committee Chair
Ketan Mayer-Patel
NOSSDAV Steering Committee Chair

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