ACM MM Open Source Software Competition

This section lists all the open source projects presented at the ACM Multimedia conference OSSC (the competition was started in ACM Multimedia 2004) 

ACM MM 2017: October 23-27, Mountain View, CA USA

ACM MM 2016: October 15-19, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ACM MM 2015: October 26-30, Brisbane, Australia

  • (winner) C. Sweeney, T. Hollerer, and M. Turk: Theia: A Fast and Scalable Structure-from-Motion Library (ACM DL)
  • B.C. Ooi, K.-L. Tan, S. Wang, W. Wang, Q. Cai, J. Gao, Z. Luo, Z. Xie, K. Zheng, G. Chen, and Y. Wang: SINGA: A Distributed Deep Learning Platform (ACM DL)
  • A. Vedaldi and K. Lenc: MatConvNet (ACM DL)
  • (mention) C. Lassner and R. Lienhart: The fertilized forests Decision Forest library (ACM DL)
  • (mention) Nicolas Hervé, Pierre Letessier, Mathieu Derval, Hakim Nabi: Amalia.js: an open-source metadata driven HTML5 multimedia player (ACM DL)
  • Britta Meixner, Stefan John, Christian Handschigl: SIVA Suite: Framework for Hypervideo Creation, Playback and Management (ACM DL)
  • Mario Guggenberger: Aurio: Audio Processing, Analysis and Retrieval (ACM DL)
  • Joël Dumoulin, Diana Affi, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled: eRS – A system to facilitate emotion recognition in movies (ACM DL)
  • Federico Bartoli, Lorenzo Seidenari, Giuseppe Lisanti, Svebor Karaman, Alberto del Bimbo: WATSS: a Web Annotation Tool for Surveillance Scenarios (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2014: November 3-7, Orlando (FL), USA

  • (winner) Y. Jia, E. Shelhamer, J. Donahue, S. Karayev, J. Long, R. Girshick, S. Guadarrama, T. Darrell: Caffe: Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding (ACM DL)
  • X. Yang, C. Huang, T. Cheng: libLDB: A Library for Extracting Ultrafast and Distinctive Binary Feature Description (ACM DL)
  • J. Alabort-i-Medina, E. Antonakos, J. Booth, P. Snape, S. Zafeiriou: Menpo: A Comprehensive Platform for Parametric Image Alignment and Visual Deformable Models (ACM DL)
  • J. Jansen: VideoLat – An Extensible Tool for Multimedia Delay Measurements (ACM DL)
  • M. Douze, H. Jégou: The Yael Library (ACM DL)
  • G. Becchi, M. Bertini, L. Cioni, A. Del Bimbo, A. Ferracani, D. Pezzatini, M. Lux: Loki+Lire: A Framework to Create Web-based Multimedia Search Engines (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2013: October 21 - 25, Barcelona, Spain

  • (winner) D. Bogdanov, N. Wack, E. Gómez, S. Gulati, P. Herrera, O. Mayor, G. Roma, J. Salamon, J. Zapata, and X. Serra: ESSENTIA: an Audio Analysis Library for Music Information Retrieval (ACM DL)
  • (mention) J. Wagner, F. Lingenfelser, T. Baur, I. Damian, F. Kistler, and E. Andre: The Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) Framework – Multimodal Signal Processing and Recognition in Real-Time (ACM DL)
  • (mention) F. Eyben, F. Weninger, F. Groß, and B. Schuller: Recent Developments in openSMILE, the Munich Open-Source Multimedia Feature Extractor (ACM DL)
  • M. Hildebrand, M. Brinkerink, R. Gligorov, M. Van Steenbergen, J. Huijkman, and J. Oomen: Waisda? Video Labeling Game (ACM DL)
  • C.-Y. Huang, D.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Hsu, and K.-T. Chen: GamingAnywhere: An Open-Source Cloud Gaming Testbed (ACM DL)
  • I. Tsampoulatidis, D. Ververidis, P. Tsarchopoulos, S. Nikolopoulos, I. Kompatsiaris, and N. Komninos: ImproveMyCity – An open source platform for direct citizen-government communication (ACM DL)
  • M. Lux: LIRE: Open Source Image Retrieval in Java (ACM DL)
  • L. Tsochatzidis, C. Iakovidou, S. Chatzichristofis, and Y. Boutalis: Golden Retriever – A Java Based Open Source Image Retrieval Engine (ACM DL)
  • R. Aamulehto, M. Kuhna, and P. Oittinen: Stage Framework – An HTML5 and CSS3 Framework for Digital Publishing (ACM DL)
  • C. Flynn, D. Monaghan, and N.E. O Connor: SCReen Adjusted Panoramic Effect – SCRAPE (ACM DL)
  • H. Yviquel, A. Lorence, K. Jerbi, G. Cocherel, A. Sanchez, and M. Raulet: Orcc: Multimedia development made easy (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2012: October 29 - November 2, Nara, Japan

  • (winner) P. Holub, J. Matela, M. Pulec, M. Srom: UltraGrid: Low-Latency High-Quality Video Transmissions on Commodity Hardware (ACM DL)
  • A. Anjos, L. El-Shafey, R. Wallace, M. Guenther, C. McCool, S Marcel: Bob: a Free Signal Processing and Machine Learning Toolbox for Researchers (ACM DL)
  • S. Chandra, L. A. Rowe: DisplayCast: a High Performance Screen Sharing System for Intranets (ACM DL)
  • L. Pang, W. Zhang, H.-K. Tan, C.-W. Ngo: Video Hyperlinking: Libraries and Tools for Threading and Visualizing Large Video Collection (ACM DL)
  • F. Pedersoli, N. Adami, S. Benini, R. Leonardi: Xkin - eXtendable Hand Pose and Gesture Recognition Library for Kinect (ACM DL)
  • M. Waltl, B. Rainer, C. Timmerer, H. Hellwagner: A Toolset for the Authoring, Simulation, and Rendering of Sensory Experiences (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2011: November 28 - December 1, Scottsdale (AZ), USA

ACM MM 2010: October 25 - 29, Florence, Italy

  • (winner): A. Vedaldi, B. Fulkerson: Vlfeat: an open and portable library of computer vision algorithms (ACM DL)
  • (mention): F. Eyben, M. Wöllmer, B. Schuller: OpenSMILE: the munich versatile and fast open-source audio feature extractor (ACM DL)
  • (mention): R. Hess: An open-source SIFTLibrary (ACM DL)
  • M. Blestel, M. Raulet: Open SVC decoder: a flexible SVC library (ACM DL)
  • C. Cannam, C. Landone, M. Sandler: Sonic visualiser: an open source application for viewing, analysing, and annotating music audio files (ACM DL)
  • B. Thomee, E.M. Bakker, M.S. Lew: TOP-SURF: a visual words toolkit (ACM DL)
  • E.D. Buccio, N. Montecchio, N. Orio: FALCON: FAst Lucene-based Cover sOng identification (ACM DL)
  • B. Nouvel, S.I. Satoh: The python computer vision framework (ACM DL)
  • S. Marcel, Y. Rodriguez: Torchvision the machine-vision package of torch (ACM DL)
  • G. Kovács, J.I. Iván, Á. Pányik, A. Fazekas: The openIP open source image processing library (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2009: October 19 - 24, Beijing, China

  • (winner): M. Lux: Caliph & Emir: MPEG-7 photo annotation and retrieval (ACM DL)
  • S. Weißmann, C. Gunn, P. Brinkmann, T. Hoffmann, U. Pinkall: jReality: a java library for real-time interactive 3D graphics and audio (ACM DL)
  • A. Rombaut, N. Staelens, N. Vercammen, B. Vermeulen, P. Demeester: xStreamer: modular multimedia streaming (ACM DL)
  • G. Tzanetakis: Music analysis, retrieval and synthesis of audio signals MARSYAS (ACM DL)
  • A. Misra, G. Wang, P.R. Cook: TAPESTREA: a new way to design sound (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2008: October 27 – Nov 1, Vancouver (BC), Canada

  • (winner): M. Lohse, F. Winter, M. Repplinger, P. Slusallek:  Network-integrated multimedia middleware (NMM) (ACM DL)
  • M. Lux, S.A. Chatzichristofis: Lire: lucene image retrieval: an extensible java CBIR library (ACM DL)
  • Y. Allusse, P. Horain, A. Agarwal, C. Saipriyadarshan: GpuCV: an opensource GPU-accelerated framework for image processing and computer vision (ACM DL)
  • A. Berger, L. Pallara, R. Schatz: An open source software framework for DVB-* transmission (ACM DL)
  • J.S. Pedro: Fobs: an open source object-oriented library for accessing multimedia content (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2007: September 24-29, Augsburg, Germany

  • (winner): M. Serrano: Programming web multimedia applications with HOP (ACM DL)
  • O. Aubert, Y. Prié: Advene: an open-source framework for integrating and visualising audiovisual metadata (ACM DL)
  • J.L Feuvre, C. Concolato, J.C. Moissinac: GPAC: open source multimedia framework (ACM DL)
  • K. Balci, E. Not, M. Zancanaro, F. Pianesi: Xface open source project and SMIL-agent scripting language for creating and animating embodied conversational agents (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2006: October 23-27, Santa Barbara (CA), USA

  • (winner) X. Amatriain, P. Arumi, D. GarciaCLAM: a framework for efficient and rapid development of cross-platform audio applications (ACM DL)
  • J.C. Chen, W.T Chu, J.H Kuo, C.Y. Weng, J.L Wu: Audiovisual slideshow: present your journey by photos (ACM DL)
  • S. Kopf, F. Lampi, T. King, W. Effelsberg: Automatic scaling and cropping of videos for devices with limited screen resolution (ACM DL)
  • R. Companje, N Dijk, H. Hogenbirk, D. Mast: Globe4D: time-traveling with an interactive four-dimensional globe (ACM DL)
  • R. Heck, M. Wallick, M. Gleicher: Virtual videography (ACM DL)
  • S. Kopf, T. King, F. Lampi, W. Effelsberg: Video color adaptation for mobile devices (ACM DL)
  • T.K. Shih, N.C. Tang, W.S. Yeh, T.J. Chen: Video inpainting and implant via diversified temporal continuations (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2005: November 6-11, Singapore, Singapore

  • J. Fung, S. Mann and C. Aimone: OpenVIDIA: A Parallel GPU Computer (ACM DL)

ACM MM 2004: October 10-16, New York (NY), USA

  • G. Wang, P. Cook: ChucK: A Programming Language for On-the-fly, Real-time Audio Synthesis and Multimedia (ACM DL)
  • A. Eleftheriadis, D. Hong: Flavor: A Formal Language for Audio-Visual Object Representation (ACM DL)