YFCC100M on CACM Cover Page

Dear Multimedia Researchers,
If you have not seen the cover page article that just appeared in the
Communications of ACM (CACM), I will urge you to take a look.
Thomee, Bart, Benjamin Elizalde, David A. Shamma, Karl Ni, Gerald
Friedland, Douglas Poland, Damian Borth, and Li-Jia Li. "YFCC100M: The
new data in multimedia research." Communications of the ACM 59, no. 2
(2016): 64-73.
We are extremely happy to see efforts in developing this dataset have
been led by active researchers in our multimedia community. It has had
major impacts on large-scale multimedia content analysis research and
several benchmarking events in multimedia such as MediaEval, Multimedia
Event Detection, and recently the ACM Multimedia 2015 Grand Challenge on
Event Detection and Summarization and the ACM Multimedia 2015 MMCommons
Workshop held in Brisbane, Australia.
I'd like to extend most enthusiastic congratulations to the YFCC100M
team for achieving this wonderful milestone, and encourage other
researchers in our community to further contribute to this exciting
Best regards,
Shih-Fu Chang
SIG Multimedia (SIGMM) Chair