Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2011 (ISSN 1947-4598)



Welcome to the SIGMM Records in 2011.
This exciting issue features an interview with professional game developers who talk about their view of serious games and their work's relation to multimedia. The MediaEval report contains videos of interviews with attendants, who participated in this new benchmarking initiative. We present 5 PhD thesis summaries, continue the SIGMM Education Column, present to you the report from the ACM Multimedia Conference Review Committee; and more.

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An Interview with (Serious) Games Experts

Games are relevant economic factor and prospering market, not only in the creative industries. They tackle research aspects in many ICT and multimedia technologies, and their technology and techniques are broadly used by other application domains. Unfortunately, the Multimedia research community does not consider games and game technology in depth so far. The aim of this article is to present the (doubtlessly existing) tight link between games (the game industry and game research) and multimedia technologies (the multimedia RTD community) and to encourage scientists and practitioners from both sides to communicate and profit from each other.

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MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark: Looking back on 2010 and looking forward to 2011

MediaEval is a benchmarking initiative dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval. MediaEval puts emphasis on context and topic of video and aims at moving beyond what is explicitly depicted in the visual channel towards overall meaning and relevance to users. The MediaEval 2010 workshop was held just before ACM Multimedia 2010 in a medieval convent in Pisa, Italy. The day was dedicated to talks and discussion of the results that were achieved on MediaEval 2010 tasks. In this report from the 2010 event, you can read a short summary and listen to what participants had to say about MediaEval.

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SIGMM Education Column

Welcome to the SIGMM Educational Column, where we highlight interesting and noteworthy multimedia educational activities around the SIGMM community. In this issue's column, we wish to highlight a course on Multimedia Security taught in the National Taiwan University (NTU), by Professor Wu Ja-Ling. Ensuring proper protection of digital media content is critical to the success of the modern media industry. Yet, only few existing courses focus on teaching the fundamental and the state-of-the-art in this topic. The course by Professor Wu is one of a few such courses.

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Report of ACM Multimedia Conference Review Committee

In December 2009, ACM SIGMM Director of Conferences (Mohan Kankanhalli) formed a new committee to look into the organization and review of technical papers for ACM Multimedia and other conferences under the umbrella of ACM SIGMM. The committee reviewed two aspects of ACM Multimedia and related conferences: the conference organization; and the procedures for the management and review of papers for the conferences. In this edition of the records you find the report of the committee that focusses on the ACM Multimedia conference.

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Report from the Multimedia Grand Challenge 2010

The ACM Multimedia conference 2010 in Florence, Italy covered the second edition of the Multimedia Grand Challenge, an event that is designed to bring commercial industry needs to the attention of researchers. Seven industrial partners led the Multimedia Grand Challenge by identifying issues they think are important to their business and worth further study. We recall the tasks and present the winners.

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Call for Contributions

We await your contributions by 15. June 2011. Please take a closer look at the information that is required for a particular submission to the newsletter.



Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. An Interview with (Serious) Games Experts
  3. MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark: Looking back on 2010 and looking forward to 2011
  4. SIGMM Education Column
  5. Report of ACM Multimedia Conference Review Committee
  6. Report from the Multimedia Grand Challenge 2010
  7. Call for Participation in the Multimedia Grand Challenge 2011
  8. Award Opportunities
  9. PhD thesis abstracts
  10. Calls for Papers
  11. Job Opportunities
  12. Impressum

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